Red Carpet Ready

If you follow me on any of my social networks (cough, instagram, cough), you know how obsessed I am with my nails. Hello!? CC: two posts below! It is no exaggeration when I tell you that I can tire of a fresh manicure the day it's executed. Although you will never find any manicure of mine lacking special sparkle, there are a few events in particular that call for a little extra attention in the detail department. Cue the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Award Season to the ladies is what the Super Bowl means to the men. All we want is a few uninterrupted hours of television time to ogle our favorite celebrities while they battle it out for the gold. Please leave us alone. 

Unless you want to give us a back rub. 
Then you can stay.

The Oscars almost always prompts a low-key celebration, but it's a television event that warmly welcomes chilled drinks with a girlfriend, particularly dark shades of lipstick, and clearly..  

a posh set of nails.
I'm ready to roll for Sunday. But this manicure is easy to replicate, 
and can be toned down if you're not into all the glitz.
{ Wait, you're not!?!?! ;) }

Because I'm a design cheater and have an embarrassingly big collection of nail ornaments like these gorgeous diamond bows and flatback gold stars, pimping out this look wasn't terribly complicated. However, with a steady hand and a bit of patience, the bow and stars can easily be drawn, kind of like the black-tie suit (I used these; they're great).

My stars are already on the red carpet. . . can't wait to see what Sunday brings! xx

Colors used {excluding nail pen artwork}
American Apparel's Metallic 'Gold Flash'
Butter London's 'West End Wonderland'
Essie's 'Going Incognito'
Urban Outfitters' 'Blood'


  1. I wear 3/4 falls and long full clip on ponytails. My hair is long, a couple inches past shoulder, but the hairpieces make it longer.

    For a 3/4 fall you want to have a good color match to your own hair since the front part of your hair is going to show. I like my Revlon 3/4 falls because they have an open weave cap that lets lots of air in and I can actually pull some of my own hair through the open weave the anchor it more.

    Hair Pieces come in all kinds of color options--tipped, chunked, streaked, regular which whipped cream!


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