Cozy Holiday Wishlist

There is very little that I love about the winter, but at the top of my list every year are the holidays. Surprise! I always keep a rolling wish list so that my family need never guess what I might want (Have I ever mentioned that I'm the favorite child!?). While my list is quite large (and err, specific), there is no doubt that there are staple cold-weather supplies I request every holiday season.

By no means am I a jewelry girl (my jewelry box is small, filled only with a few special pieces), but every once in awhile, something different catches my eye. Newly working in retail, I've fallen madly in love with Rock Candy jewelry (I want it all!). Cozy sweaters, warm driving gloves (aren't these amazing?), musky candles and soft throws are top priority as well.

Splurgy wintery beauty items high on my list? Moisturizer, tan-in-a-can, gorgeous nail lacquers and subtle lip colors. What are you asking this year for the holidays? Share items from your wish list below so I can peak!


Thanks for reading! xx