The Lip Bible

Admittedly, as I'm posting, I'm jealous of all the women out there with Angelina's pouty lips and Kate Moss' perfect mouth. I can stare at myself in the mirror every day and without fail, manually maneuver my top lip a bit so I can catch a glimpse of what it might look like had I been blessed with something fuller than what I've got.

That said, no matter the shape of your mouth, there are proper and just downright wrong ways to wear color on your lips. Applying the perfect amount (and shade!) is particularly difficult if you have thin lips like I do. Much like your nails, the smaller the surface, the harder the application.

Quick tip? No more than two swipes. The more product you layer on, the deeper the color, and the more unnatural your application looks (if you want a darker color, invest in one!). The natural blot of your lips will fill in any cavities your lipstick may have created. If you've got super thin lips like I do, resist the urge to create the illusion of a fuller mouth with your lipstick.

I love NARS in Flamenco (a candy apple red) and Roman Holiday (pastel pink).

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  1. great picks!! I love the dark berry trend but hav yet been bold enought to try one out!! xo


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